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About Us

Welcome to William Street Dental

William Street Dental has been providing general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry to Bantry and the surrounding areas of West Cork & South Kerry since 1992.

Our philosophy is clear and we apply it to all our patients of all ages.

Long term dental and oral health is at the centre of our patient care. Our work is based on the philosophy of minimally invasive, conservative aesthetic dentistry. This belief system means that we recognise the importance of having a beautiful natural smile, but preserving the health of the tooth comes first!


The introduction of predictable adhesive technologies has led to a giant leap in achievements in minimally invasive dentistry.

We treat everyone of our patients as though they were a family member sitting in the chair and we advise them with options that we would feel comfortable having ourselves or recommending to our families.


We start an examination with a discussion, asking about any concerns or problems you may have and may then follow up by taking a series of digital X-Ray's to complete the examination process. We develop a treatment plan and discuss it with you.

We will then commence the treatment and on completion we will recommend a suitable recall period to maintain your dental health.

The following treatment categories are available at William Street Dental;

 -  General Dentistry

 -  Preventative 

 -  Cosmetic

 -  Emergency

 -  Orthodontics

 -  Dental Hygienist

 -  Kids Dentistry

 -  Nervous Patients

Within each categories some overlaps of treatments may occur. If you have any questions regarding our treatments please contact our reception staff o02751424

We look forward to welcoming you to William Street Dental soon!

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