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Oral Examination €30

Examination & Written Dental Plan €50

Consultation or Prescription €30

Dental Hygienist:

15 Min Appointment €40

15 Min Appointment with Local Anaesthetic €60

30 Min Appointment €80

30 Min Appointment with Local Anaesthetic €100



Depending on X-Ray type €20-€60​



White  €90-140

Silver €90-140

Baby Teeth Fillings €60-100


Extractions €90-140

Surgical Extractions €140-180**

Root Canal Treatment:

Front Tooth €350**

Pre Molar €400-450**

Molar €550-750**

*Please note that the majority of root filled molar teeth will require a crown and

possibly a post & core 

Anterior Orthodontics:

Fixed Braces - 6 Month Smiles or Quick Straight Teeth Systems

1 Arch - Top or Bottom from €2500**

2 Arches from €3000**

*Includes fixed and removable retainers and whitening after teeth have been straightened

Inman Aligner €1500-2000** per Arch

*Depends on the number of aligners and Includes fixed and removable retainers

Clear Aligners from €1500** per Arch

*Depends on the number of aligners and Includes fixed and removable retainers

Consultation €100

Assessment includes photos, relevant X-Rays and study models.

Orthodontic Treatment qualifies for the 20% Tax Refund with Med 2 applications


Repairs €120-140

Reline €200-400

Full Upper or Lower €450-600

Full Upper and Lower €900-1200

Partial Acrylic Denture €300-800

Sunflex FlexibleDenture €600-800

Cobalt Chrome Denture €800-1200



Composite €200-300**

Porcelain Laminate €800​-900**


Crowns €850-950**​

Pricing depends on the material and level of aesthetics used


Maryland Bridges €1000-1200**

Fixed Bridge per Unit €750-850**

Teeth Whitening:

3g Syringe of 16% Carbamide Peroxide Whitening Gel €30

Whitening Kit - Upper & Lower €400

Teeth Retainers & Protection:

Removable Orthodontic Retainer €120-150

Fixed Orthodontic Retainer €200

Gum Shield - 1 Colour €80 2 Colour €100

Soft Bite Guards €120-160

Hard Bite Guards €225

Hard-Soft Bite Guards €180


We accept HSE Medical Cards*, VHI and DeCare Dental Insurance - Contact us about qualifying treatments

**20% Tax Relief is available on many treatments including Crowns, Veneers, Orthodontics, Bridgework, Root Canals, for a full list of inclusions click here

PRSI Treatments are available to the insured workers, the self employed, retired people who have the required number of PRSI Contributions, for more information click here or contact us.

*The Dental Treatment Services Scheme (DTSS) provides access to dental treatment, for adult medical card holders aged 16+ to one examination every calendar year and dental emergency treatment for the relief of pain and sepsis are available to all eligible patients with a dentist registered with the scheme. This includes 2 fillings per annum and all extractions. At William Street Dental, Dr. Liz Galvin & Dr.Barry Crowley are the dentists who are registered for this scheme. Most other treatments require approval from the Local Principal Dental Officer with the HSE. Approval is currently being restricted to patients with special needs, high risk patients and those who have greater clinical needs. If you hold a GP visit card, unfortunately you are not covered for any free dental treatment, Children under 16 with Medical Cards are eligible to be seen at their local HSE Dental Clinic. 

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